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Alain Kofune (小舟アラン, Kofune Aran) is the father of Ushio and Mio. He is from France and runs a restaurant called "Western Cuisine Kofune" in Hitogashima. For Shinpei, he is the adoptive father who welcomed him after he lost his parents in an accident. His wife, Kotoko, died after the birth of Mio.


Alain is an adult man with short blond hair and moustache.



Alain attends his daughter's funeral. That evening, he sits with Mio and Shinpei and eat the curry Shinpei had made. The next day, he, Mio and Shinpei work at the Kofune's dinner.

Alain was throwing out the trash, when he saw the red light in the sky. He then saw shadows coming and consuming him.

At the funeral, Masahito calls him to see if he can recognize Hizuru, but she reveals her name. A bit later, Alain receives a call from Mio, telling him that she and Shinpei would be late as they fell into the sea. Overhearing that, Hizuru asks him about Shinpei and Alain explains he took Shinepi Ajiro after he lost his parents as he was the son of his best friend. Hizuru decides to leave, but Alain follows her and reveals that Ushio had marks on her neck, which reminds him of Ryunosuke Nagumo's death. After Hizuru checks Ushio's neck, she asks Alain if Ushio mentioned she saw her doppleganger, but Alain doesn't know.

During the lunch at the crematorium, Shinpei asks him about shadow sickness and Alain tells him he heard stories about it. Shinpei then describes the woman from the boat and Alain realizes he is talking about Hizuru. He gives him a note she gave him as contacts info, but he doesn't understand it. Alain then heads to the bathroom. Secretly Hizuru follows him and puts a "maintenance" note on his toilet stall. A shadow Alain enters and opens the second stall. Hizuru awaits there and hits the shadow on the ground with a hammer and kills shadow Alain, making the real Alain wonder what is the noise outside.


  • The name Alain has many meanings depending on the different languages:
    • In English, it means "fair; handsome".
    • In French and Celtic - Gaelic, it means "little rock".
  • Alain's surname Kofune means "boat, small craft" (小舟).