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So Long, Summer Days (さよなら夏の日, Sayonara Natsu no Hi) is the 1st episode of the Summer Time Rendering anime.


Shinpei Ajiro returns to his hometown of Hitogashima in Wakayama City for the first time in two years upon hearing the news of the death of his childhood friend, Ushio Kofune. Shinpei attends the funeral and is told by his best friend, Seido Hishigata, that there is a possibility that Ushio was murdered by someone else. Furthermore, even Ushio's sister, Mio, complains that Ushio was murdered. There is a tradition on Hitogashima that anyone who sees a "shadow" that looks like him or her will die. Before her death, Mio saw Ushio's "shadow"...


While returning to Hitogashima, Shinpei dreams of a moment with Ushio, who wonders how many years has it been since he last came to the island. Before going, Ushio tells him to find her and protect Mio. Attempting to stop Ushio, Shinpei tries to reach her, but ends up bumping into something. As he wakes up, he realizes he bumped into a woman and apologizes, but gets slapped by her. Reaching the island, Shinpei recalls its a small island with 700 population in Wakayama City. The island is supported by tourism and fishing and its been two years since he was last there. Shinpei returns on July 22nd to attend his childhood friend Ushio's funeral.

Stepping on the island, Shinpei is greeted by a speeding Mio on a bike, Ushio's little sister. She is unable to stop and ends up falling in the water, but acts like she wanted to take a swim. After helping her get out of the water, Mio wonders how is Tokyo's life and if he went to Shibuya, but Shinpei reveals he doesn't get out much. While heading towards the funeral, they chat about various things. Mio reveals that the island now has many people she doesn't know, but lately, even people she knows sometimes seem like strangers. Shinpei guesses its due to the many tourists around this time of the year. Mio laughs, stating that Shinpei now talks normal and has blended in Tokyo's life.

At the funeral, Shinpei recalls that he lost his parents 10 years ago and was taken by Kofune family, making Ushio not only a childhood friend, but family too. Befor leaving the island Ushio wanted Shinpei to make her curry, but he blew her off saying he will make it next time, but that time never came. Sou hugs Shinpei and cries, explaining that Ushio tried saving a kid, but ended up drowning. Sou apologizes for not being able to do anything and tells Shinpei to hit him until he feels better. However, Shinpei states its fine and since everyone is crying, he is able to remain calm. Shinpei heard that Sou's father performed an autopsy and wonders why. Sou points out at Shiori Kobayakawa, stating its her that Ushio saved, but the girl haven't spoken since then. Shinpei gets called to help with the procession and Sou tells him he will give him the details later.

That night, Shinpei prepares curry for Mio, Alain and Ushio. As they eat, a police officer notices Mio standing outside of the house and looking at it. After dinner, Sou calls Shinpei and explains that his father didn't perform an autopsy, but was there just for the police's inquest. However, they found marks on Ushio's neck, similar to strangling, making it possible that Ushio was killed. Sou explains they were playing on the beach behind the elementary school since the tourists don't go there. Ushio noticed Shiori drowning and went first. Mio and Sou then followed, but didn't see anyone suspicious. Sou explains only a few people know about the marks: the police, Mio, his father, Alain and Sou himself. But due to the situation, the police labelled it as incident as it couldn't have been a murder. Mio then knocks on Shinpei's door and gives him Ushio's necklace. She hugs him and cries, stating she will never see Ushio again and won't ever forgive the one who killed her. Shinpei asks her if she knows something, but Mio blows her nose on Shinpei's shirt, saying that he can have the bath now and that Ushio would be mad if she is always depressed, so she will no longer cry. As she leaves, Shinpei looks at the necklace, recalling how he gave it to Ushio, who stated she will treasure it.

The next day, Alain reopens his dinner. Shinpei helps out, thinking the best way to distract yourself from a loss is to keep your body moving. A drunk customer, Nakamura, asks Shinpei if he found who he was looking for. As Shinpei wonders what he means, Nakamura explains its a woman with glasses and large bust, which causes Shinpei to question Nakamura if he really meant him. Tetsu Totsumura enters the dinner and asks for the usual. Shinpei recalls he is related to Kofune's family and is the only police officer on the island. Mio takes his order, but wonders why he didn't came this morning for breakfast. Tetsu explains that all Kobayakawa family had vanished. In the morning, their Koba Mart wasn't open, so their neighbour, Shiomi's wife, peeked in their house and it was all empty. Tetsu believes they may had a debt and fled during the night. Hearing that, Mio runs outside and Shinpei goes after her.

Shinpei finally catches up to Mio. She tells him that Shiori was a bit weird lately and Shinpei guesses its because she stopped talking due to shock. However, Mio explains that around a week before that Shiori said she saw a girl who looked just like Shiori herself. Then Shiori felt being watched each day. A man interrupts them, asking if that ain't the shadow. Mio tells Shinpei the man is Ginjiro Nezu, a hunter. Ginjiro states its the shadow sickness, a disease endemic to this island and it used to be quite common before the war. If you are taken by the shadow sickness, you start seeing your "shadow" and all those who saw it, died, killed by it. The shadow then pretends to be the one it killed and kills the remaining family. Before leaving, Ginjiro says that his grandpa told him that the afflicted would go to Hiruko to be cleansed. Mio reveals that her grandma told her the same story when she was little. Three days before Ushio died, Mio saw Ushio's shadow. While picking up trash with Ushio and others, Ushio saw her shadow and pointed it for Mio to see. Shinpei thinks its a joke, but Mio states its truth and the shadow disappeared before their eyes. As Mio haven't told this to anyone else, Shinpei suggest they go see Hiruko like the man suggested. Shinpei recalls that Shiruko is the nickname for the Hito shrine in the northern part of the island.

At the shrine, Shinpei tries to open the door, but its locked. Mio then looks at the forest and a figure moves and runs. Mio states she saw Shiori and makes Shinpei run with her after Shiori. They are unable to find her and Shinpei starts to wonder if it was Shiori, why would she run from them. They hear a gunshot and run towards the sound. Shinpei ends up finding the woman with glasses he bumped into on the boat, bleeding from a gun wound. Mio panics and pushes Shinpei towards the woman, while she goes for help. The woman, saying she failed, tells Shinpei to listen, but before she can finish, she gets shot in the head. Shinpei then turns to see Mio holding a gun and having another Mio as hostage, while saying that her father always said that until you wash the dishes and clean everything, the service ain't over. She then pulls the trigger and kills Mio and then shoots Shinpei in the head too. Shinpei then wakes up on the boat, bumping in the woman with the glasses again.