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Feeding Time (食餌の時間, Shokuji no Jikan) is the 11th episode of the Summer Time Rendering anime.


Shinpei, Ushio, and Sou are surrounded by shadows. However, the shadows are only targeting Ushio. At the same time, Mio and Tetsu saw the "shadow" of Shiori, who wants them to follow her. Shiori's "shadow" pointed to the bottom of a manhole as Shinpei's whereabouts, Mio and Tetsu follow the "shadow" of Shiori. Furthermore, Hizuru/Ryunosuke and Ginjiro witnessed the scene with Mio and Shiori. Shinpei and his friends managed to overcome their predicament, but an unexpected person appeared in front of them.


Having a bad feeling, Hizuru decides to in the city sewers and Ginjiro follows her. Meanwhile, Shinpei, Ushio and Sou are trying to escape from the baby-like shadows. Shinpei notices that the shadows are only targeting Ushio. Sou uses spray and a lighter to keep the shadows away. While going in the sewers, Hizuru had switched to Ryunosuke, who kills a shadow and fells that they are getting closer to their nest.

Mio tries calling Shinpei and Sou, but neither is picking their phones. She sees hair ties on the street and recognizes they belong to Shiori. A shadowy Shiori then calls her, telling her that Shinpei is there. As she runs towards her, she encounters Tetsu Totsumura. She asks him if he saw Shiori, but he explains he didn't see anyone else. Mio then sees shadowy Shiori pointing to a manhole. They see the manhole is open, but Tetsu immediately is against it and doesn't wish to go down there to search, and that he is going for a drink and doesn't want Erika to state he stinks. Mio states that if he finds the missing girl, he will be a hero and all over the news, which will make everyone, including Erika fall for him. Hearing that, Tetsu immediately goes into the manhole, but acts like he isn't doing to be famous.

Shinpei and the rest manage to escape the shadows. They reach a cave full of corals and wonder how can there be sea creatures there. Ushio tells them that all of them are shadows. Shinpei notices that Ushio isn't well and that her wound haven't healed. Ushio tells him that due to Mio's attack, she suffered data loss and needs to scan the original to regain the data. However, as Ushio is ashes now, he cannot heal her wound. Ushio then erases her arm to stop the pain, while Shinpei wonders if he should loop back and redo things. Tokiko appears with two baby-like shadows, telling them to turn slowly and not do anything strange or Ushio will die.

Ryunosuke and Ginjiro reach a dead end with metal bars blocking the way, but realize that shadows travel underground through the many tunnels. Ryunosuke wonders if they should go out and look for another entrance, but Ginjiro doubts there is one, at least not for humans, as the path ahead is no longer a normal tunnel, but looks like natural cave. Ginjiro shares that his grandpa told him about the Hiruko cave, a giant cave under Hitogashima. Until halfway through the Meiji period, there used to be an entrance that would show up at Hitogashima port during low tides. However, during the Sino-Japanese war, the army sealed it up. Its said that the cave is where Hiruko settled in after washing ashore long ago. Ginjiro suggests they speak with Karikiri and they would also need metal cutting tools to proceed. Ryunosuke then hears something and they hide. Tetsu and Mio then approach, with Tetsu complaining and wanting to go back, but Mio tells him, she will tell Erika how brave he is. They see Shiori behind the metal bars, who then flashes and makes the bars disappear, allowing them to proceed. As the path is now open, Ginjiro still doesn't wish to continue, but Ryunosuke states that at least Mio is human for sure as she has now immunity.

Tokiko congratulates them for surviving after trespassing on sacred ground. Tokiko states she is there to retrieve a defective product and is glad that they brought Ushio. As she gets closer, Shinpei shoots at her shadow, pinning her multiple times with the nails, but Tokiko just laughs. Ushio tells Shinpei that Tokiko isn't a shadow. Tokiko wonders if Shinpei can kill humans and wants them to chat. Seido calls Negoro and tells her to use the policeman's, Tadashi Miura's body as today's food at 9 o'clock.

Shinpei states they surrender and the shadows capture Ushio. Shinpei realizes that since they still haven't killed them, they won't harm Ushio for the moment and wonders if Tokiko will take them to her father. Sou wonders if she follows they father orders. Tokiko tells him its natural that he doesn't know anything, as he wasn't chosen by their father, but there is no need to keep it a secret anymore. Tokiko asks them to leave their stuff and follow her and she will lead them to Hiruko.

Ryunosuke and Ginjiro proceed and reach the cave with sea anemone, which makes Ryunosuke realize they are all shadows. Shiori appears and Ryunosuke explains that if she is alive, then it means she acted like she was killed, but escaped through the cracks on the street to underground, which made Hizuru suspicious about the sewers. Shiori wonders why they came, as she told them they will die the next time they meet it. Shiori reveals that she knows Ryunosuke's full name, which she realized while they talked in Kobayakawa's house. That makes Ryunosuke realize this is Heine, who uses Shiori's memories. The shadow parent appears, mentioning its been fourteen years, but he doesn't really have business with Hizuru and wants to know where is the body that stole mother's right eye. Shiori states she read Hizuru and Ryunosuke's mind, but they don't know where the right eye is. The shadow wonders if he can kill them and Shiori confirms. Ginjiro states they should run as they are the ones being hunted and that this isn't a shadow of a human. Shiori warns the shadow that Ryunosuke's shifted, about two seconds ahead. The shadow then shoots at Ryunosuke, but Ginjiro jumps in and takes the bullet. He then proceeds shooting at Ryunosuke, who manages to escape, but also gets shot. Looking at the blood, the shadow states its dark, which means he hit the liver and Ryunosuke won't have much to live. Shiori states that Ushio and Shinpei are with Tokiko and that she is getting hungry and can't wait for 9 o'clock.

Getting closer, Shinpei and the rest hear a rumble, and Tokiko explains its Hiruko's stomach. Tokiko states she accepted all and won't ask for forgiveness, but asks Shinpei to not let Mio know what he will see and learn. Tokiko then takes them to a large shadow that reaches the ceiling, and at its base is Heine, who states its 9 o'clock and time to eat.