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Bloody Night (血の夜, Chi no Yoru) is the 12th episode of the Summer Time Rendering anime.


Tokiko, the younger sister of Sou, says that she has been feeding dead people to Hiruko-sama, calling them "food". Hiruko-sama was Heine, a girl in kimono whom the "big shadow" who appeared at the Nittogashima Shrine on the day of the summer festival, had called her "Mother". Tokiko works with the "shadows" and tries to thwart the plans of Shinpei and his friends. The "big shadow" appears and has Mio as hostage. The "Big Shadow" planns to keep Shinpei alive while they were preparing for the day of the summer festival.


Shinpei meets Heine and sees it as a chance to learn what she intends to do at the Summer Festival. Tokiko explains that the appearance of Hiruko is the first human she copied, Heine, and prefers to be called by that name. She is the God of Hitogashima, Hiruko no Mikoto and mother of Shadows. Lately she is having issue walking and needed a body replacement. Heine turns to Shiori Kobayakawa and asks Shinpei how many times have they met. Shinpei realizes she was the one that killed Ushio and has been in front of him the entire time. As Shinpei yells, Heine reaches for him with shadow hands. Tokiko tells her she mustn't, and Heine stops, explainable that his voice is so loud and its painful. She can kill him at any time, but likes to eat in silence and he must not speak. Tokiko calls in Negoro, a nurse that works at their clinic. Tokiko explains that on average four people die on Hitogashima every year and they feed the dead to Heine. Her family have been doing it as long as it existed. Negoro brings two coffins. In one of them its Tadashi Miura, but in the other is Ushio. Tokiko explains that they burned a fake body and the bones they collected were printed by Heine. Shinpei asks Tokiko if she knew that they were after Shiori and Ushio. Tokiko states Ushio's death was a surprise to her and never expected she to team up with her own shadow in order to save Shiori. Sou can't accept this and yells at Tokiko, asking her where their father is. Tokiko yells back that its because he is like this that she had to carry everything herself. She had to do all of this, because if Heine dies, their mother would die too. Their mother wasn't cured and their father asked Heine to turn her into a Shadow, so she can live.

Heine proceeds and flashes to eat Tadashi Miura. She then turns towards Ushio. Shinpei knows that Shadows can't move for a few seconds while they scan. As Heine prepares to scan Ushio, Shinpei asks Shadow Ushio to print it now. She then prints a nailgun in his hands and she shoots at the baby-like shadows, freeing Ushio. Shadow Ushio then jumps in and takes Ushio's body and scans her to regenerate her arm. Tokiko states they can't win against the shadows. Ushio tells her that the Tokiko she knows won't stand for this and that Heine is using her to fill her belly. Heine had enough, she causes Shadow Negoro to transform into more muscular form and go after Shinpei, but Ushio jumps in and starts fighting her. As Ushio regenerates her hand, she punches Negoro's shadow and kills her. Shinpei gets close to Heine and prepares to shoot her, but the nailgun and his fingers get cut. She Shadow parent had cut Shinpei's fingers and stands behind Shinpei. He tells Heine to stop as she was preparing to eat Shinpei. Heine is annoyed as the stole her food. The shadows tells Heine that he will take Ushio's body back and shows he has Mio, but tells her to not eat her as she is an important hostage. The shadow warns the rest that if they move, he will kill Mio. Tokiko is angry as they promised to not touch Mio. The shadow finds this foolish as all the humans on the island would be dying tomorrow at the festival. Tokiko wonders what he means as tomorrow Heine was supposed to have her final meal and heal her body, and then bring her mother back. The shadow shoots at Tokiko, but Sou gets in front and takes the bullet. The shadow is surprised, but states that their father already knows the tomorrow's plan, and then proceeds and shoots Tokiko.

Hizuru is still alive, but badly injured. Tetsu shows up and Ryunosuke switches to Hizuru, who asks where is Mio. TEtsu reveals that a monster showed up and took her. She wonders about his gun, but he guesses he dropped it. He tried to shoot the baby monsters, but tripped and fell, and then ran. Hizuru states he made the right choice. She asks him to carry her, deeper into the cave.

Heine orders Ushio to come slowly. Shinpei tells her to eat him, since she wants to eat humans, but Heine rips his right eye. Heine states that to be able to defeat Negoro, Ushio had become much stronger and would be a waste to just erase her, so she will reprogram her as they would need her help tomorrow. Heine starts to overtake Ushio. Shinpei yells asking her to stop. His right eye then returns to him, making Heine realize its impossible to take his power. The shadow states that Shinpei's right eye overlooks the flow of time from a higher dimension and observes multiple parallel worlds. He grabs Shinpei and tells him he has the power to make the world he observes into reality, and right now he is rendering this world. However, he haven't mastered that power and he is only able to access it when he lose sense of himself in death. So they have to keep him alive until the very end. The shadow then crushes Mio's skull, killing her. The shadow intends to keep Shinpei there until tomorrow ends. Shinpei realizes he won't be able to loop and fails his promise.

Tetsu shows up, and a moment later Hizuru blows the shadow's head, freeing Shinpei. She knows she has one more shot and shoots at Shinpei, but the shadow creates a shield, blocking the bullet and also shoots at Hizuru, hitting her in the head and killing her. The shadow then shoots Tetsu and kills him. The shadow starts to regenerate, mentioning it almost lost Shinpei, however, there is no one left to interfere. Shinpei thanks Hizuru and Tetsu, revealing he had a bottle with poison, which he drank already. Ushio recalls earlier that Shinpei told them that he will kill himself with mercuric chloride if one of then gets injured with no hope of recovery. As Shinpei is dying from the poison, the shadow guesses he must have died many times to be this prepared. Shinpei tells him, he will keep doing it, until he defeats them. Heine tells the shadow to look at Ushio, as she started to reverse her corrosion. She even started returning the corrosion back at her. Heine tells the shadow to kill Ushio, even if he needs to kill Heine. The shadow attempts to kill Ushio, but Shinpei takes her and starts looping back with her. As they loop back, Shinpei tells Ushio that they will defeat the shadows, even if it costs him his life.

Shinpei loops back at the moment he meets Hizuru and Ginjiro and Hizuru guessing he is a time traveller. In that moment, Ushio also materializes next to Shinpei, holding his hand and Shinpei states they just returned from the future.