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Friend (トモダチ, Tomodachi) is the 13th episode of the Summer Time Rendering anime.


The fifth time, on July 22. When Shinpei regains consciousness, it is at the same time that Hizuru becomes convinced that Shinpei is a time traveler. He tells Hizuru about his past experiences and she decides to trust Shinpei and work together with him. The group heads to the Kobayakawas' house to ensure that Shiori's "shadow" is killed, but Hizuru (Ryunosuke) is unexpectedly attacked. Annihilated, Shinpei thinks he is starting his sixth time, but he is in the world 14 years ago - in Hizuru's memory.


Shinpei returns to July 22nd, when he meets Hizuru. As Ushio loops with him, she jumps and hugs Hizuru, happy to see her alive. Ginjiro points his gun at Ushio, but Shinpei and Hizuru stop him. Hizuru wonders if she died and Shinpei confirms. After telling her what happened, Shinpei wonders why he has this power. Hizuru explains that if his eye belonged to Heine, then its made of Shadows and asks him if he remembers when it was printed. Shinpei believes its after he came back to the island. Hizuru believes that Ushio gave him the eye. Hizuru asks him why he thinks they failed this time. Shinpei explains one of the reasons is that they acted separately after defeating Mio's Shadow and wants they to work together this time. Hizuru agrees and shakes hands with Ushio, who shows Hizuru and Ginjiro her memories. Hizuru then starts to believe that Ushio is indeed their ally and she got the message from her and Shinpei his eye. Ginjiro states that if Shiori is part of Hiruko, no matter how many times they kill her, she won't die as Shiori is only a small part of Hiruko's shadow. Ushio states that Shiori isn't strong and it can only move, but Hiruko's body is too weak and can't move away from the cave. Shinpei wishes they go directly for Hiruko, but if the four-armed shadow is there, they don't have a chance. He is also worried about the others. Ushio suggest they capture Shiori like last time. Once they do, Ushio will try to erase her.

Sou wants to speak with his father about Ushio, but Seido refuses, stating he doesn't have time. As his wife insists to find time, Seido agrees and tells he will give Sou five minutes in his room at 10PM. Outside, Seido makes a call and explains that Shinpei is looking into the shadow sickness. Before that Ushio and Hizuru had done the same. The person on the phone, states that it can't be coincidence that Hizuru returned and Ushio must had contacted Shinpei. Seido heard that Ushio's shadow is missing and wasn't erased, but is assured it will be found and erased.

The group prepares to attack the Kobayakawas and Hizuru switches to Ryunosuke. A bit earlier, Ushio explains that she believes she can erase Shiori by tracing the circuits she entered inside her in reverse. Shinpei shares that in the previous loop, Ginjiro told him that Ryunosuke was killed by a shadow and had strangle marks. Shinpei wonders if Heine was the one that killed him and Hizuru confirms, saying she was also her friend. Back at the Kobayakawas, Ryunosuke listens to Hizuru's notes and that they had to went to Plan B. Ryunosuke then enters and attacks Asako.

Outside, since there are no other people, Shinpei tells Ushio that she can show up. As she comes out, she remembers something and pulls a string of her hair and prints the nailgun. Shinpei realizes she can take the data she scanned into other loops. As Ginjiro brought two nailguns, they name the first nailgun A and the second nailgun B. Ushio then scans the second and erases the original. Ushio's storage was full, so she couldn't scan nailgun A. The group then prepares for a message from Ryunosuke, however, they are surprised when they see Ryunosuke flying through the window. Ryunosuke tells them to run as this isn't the same 22nd they know. In that moment, the four-armed shadow smashes Ryunosuke's head with his hammer.

Shiori asks Shinpei if he remembers when she told him she found him and gave him the black mark on his hand. From then on, she always knew where he was. She has been chasing him ever since their eyes met at the summer festival. Heine then reveals she can loop as well. She shadow states that they don't need two observers and the true world will be seen by the one who survives. The shadow then attacks and Ginjiro shoots his shadow three times, pinning him, however the four-armed shadow doesn't stop and kills Ginjiro. The shadow then surrounds Shinpei and is about to capture him, but Ushio cuts Shinpei's head. She knows that if she attempt to scan the whole shadow, she will loose her sense of self, so she decides to scan only one arm. As the shadow is about to smash her, Shinpei's loop is activated and Ushio vanishes with Shinpei. Heine is fine with that, as this was just a greeting and knows that no matter how many times he loops, she will eventually catch up to him.

While looping, Shinpei notes that he should have figured the enemy had the same power as him. He asks Ushio if she is fine and Ushio, who turned into his watch, states she is fine. She scanned his arm to see if she can figure out whose shadow he is, but it was empty and there was no data, but had the same smell as Heine.

Shinpei returns around their home, but its strange as its raining, while on 22nd it was sunny. He then sees two people and recognize one of them being Hizuru. He decides to go after them, but can't interact with anything physical. Shinpei is then moved into the Kofune's restaurant, where Alain greets Hizuru and Ryunosuke. Shinpei sees that this is fourteen years ago. He mentions that when he died for the first time, he saw a memory of Mio and this could be Hizuru's memory. As its full, Hizuru wishes to go, but Asako stops her, sayings its the 10th anniversary of Kofune restaurant and she should celebrate with the rest. Masahito comes to celebrate as well, but as he enters, Hizuru tells him to leave, however, Masahito takes it that she is happy to see him. Shinpei even sees his parents there, who used to be marine archaeologist and spent a lot of time diving.

Asako wonders if Hizuru is in a bad mood and Ryunosuke states its his fault. She told him she made a friend, but she joked it must be a dream. Asako wonders where Hizuru met her new friend and Hizuru states Mt. Takanosu. Shinpei is then moved to Hishigata's old clinic in the mountain. Hizuru takes Asako and Ryunosuke to meet her new friend. Hizuru explains that she always appears at the same time, but as they wait, no one shows up. Ryunosuke and Asako decide to leave, but Hizuru had promised to meet her friend today, so she decides to stay. Moments later, Heine shows up and Hizuru greets her.