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Shadow (影, Kage) is the 2nd episode of the Summer Time Rendering anime.


Shinpei was supposed to have been shot in the head by Mio's "shadow," but when he regained consciousness, he was on a ferry heading to Hitogashima. After that, the "same events as before the shooting" were repeated. While alone with his thoughts, Shinpei witnesses the murder of the island's resident, Totsumura, by Mio, who stabbed him to death with a kitchen knife. He also sees the "shadow" of Dekomura being generated from the murdered Totsumura. Shinpei is shocked by what happens in front of his eyes, but then he sees Mio holding a kitchen knife.


Shinpei dreams of the incident where Ushio died and witness how Sou attempts to provide first aid and bring Ushio to life. Shinpei then awakens at the boat heading Hitogashima and bumps into the same woman as before and gets slapped again. She wonders if he is okay, as it looked like he had a bad dream. Shinpei recalls its the woman from the forest and asks her if she was ever shot by a handgun, making her wonder even more if he is okay. Shinpei looks at his phone and sees its July 22nd, but recall going to Hiruko on 23rd with Mio. Shinpei then thinks of the novel "Swampman", a mystery-horror story taking place in Wakayama City, where a young girl believes her family and friends are replaced by copies. He assumes he had this nightmare because he felt asleep while reading the novel.

Stepping on the island, Shinpei feels he had already experienced this moment. Mio then arrives greeting him and falls in the water in the same way, with Shinpei noticing the bike brake wire is cut. Shinpei then heads to Ushio's funeral where he experience the same day as before. As he gets flashes of what is going to happen, he starts to believe that "shadows" do exist. After cooking curry, Shinpei decides to go out to take some fresh air while thinking of the cut break and if someone actually tried to kill Mio. He then overhears the police officer Tetsu who sees Mio standing in front of the house. Shinpei finds it strange, as Mio should be inside and was no longer in her school uniform. Mio then kills Tetsu, stabbing him multiple times with a kitchen knife, making him realize that isn't Mio, but a Shadow. A flash then occurs and a Shadow comes out of Shadow Mio's shadow, which then transforms into Tetsu. The Shadow Tetsu then touches the dead Tetsu, causing another flash and disentigrading his body. Shadow Mio informs Shadow Tetsu that he is now Tetsu Totsumura, the police officer. Assuming his role, Mio then asks him to give her his gun, causing Tetsu to realize she still haven't killed the real Mio and taken her place. Mio explains her morning attempt failed and it would be easier to kill her if she sends her to the hospital. Taking the gun, Shadow Mio comments that she can't go in and kill her now or everyone will hear the gunshot and will be just scouting for today. In that moment, Sou who promised to call Shinpei earlier at the funeral, calls Shinpei. As his phone vibrates, Mio hears it, find Shinpei and stabs him in the neck. As he bleed out, Tetsu wonders if Mio will copy him, but she starts to explain that Shinpei is already something, but he isn't able to hear the rest.

Shinpei then starts floating above his body. He is then being transported elsewhere, but as he travels, he hears Ushio's voice, who tells him to be careful and protect Mio. Shinpei then awakens on July 22nd as he steps on Hitogashima. Knowing that Mio will fall into the water, he stands in front of the bike, stopping her, but getting himself knocked into the water and Mio jumps to save him as he can't swim.

Elsewhere, Hizuru, the woman with the glasses, records herself while hanging upside down from a tree. She explains how much time its been since she arrived on Hitogashima and what she ate. Hizuru also explains that while hanging upside down, more blood enters her head and she is able to think better. She observes Shiori, commenting its right among the people and that she will keep watch for the moment. That evening, Shinpei calls Tetsu, informing him of a fight and sending him elsewhere, so that he doesn't encounter Shadow Mio. Shinpei then thinks on what to do. He deleted all unneeded apps on his phone to gain more free space and sets his phone recording outside of the house, in order to film Shadow Mio. Shinpei notices his right eye has a different color, but isn't aware when it happened. Worried about Mio, he ends up peeking in the bathroom, but ends up hit with the shower head in the face for peeking.

In the morning, Shinpei retrieves his phone. He then heads to Mio's room and shows her the recording, explaining that a Shadow appeared and observed Mio last night and is there to kill Mio. Shinpei states that Ushio also saw her shadow, three days before the incident. Mio confirms, thinking that Ushio had told him this. Mio then guesses that Ushio was killed by a Shadow.