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Drifting Ashore (漂着, Hyōchaku) is the 3rd episode of the Summer Time Rendering anime.


Shinpei, who was killed by Mio, the "shadow," repeats July 22 again. In order to find out the truth about the "shadow," Shinpei visits the Kobayakawa family, whose family disappeared the day after Ushio's funeral, and encounters the "shadow" of Shiori Kobayakawa, the girl who was the cause of Ushio's accident. Shinpei survived the encounter, but he was stuck and decided confided everything with Sou. On July 24, during the Summer Festival, Shinpei enjoys a brief moment of peace and tranquillity, but...


Shinpei tells Mio that he saw a shadow copy a human. Mio states they should talk with Shiori as she saw her shadow too, however, Shinpei stops her, not wanting to put Mio at risk and wants to go alone.

Shinpei goes to Koba Mart, but its closed. Shiomi appears and finds it strange that its closed, so they go ring on the doorbell. As no one opens and the door in unlocked, Shiomi enters and Shinpei follows her. They see the table being full of untouched food and the TV running, but there is no one around. While Shiomi goes to look around, Shinpei notices black stains left just like Tetsu's Shadow did to Tetsu. Shinpei figures out that they must have been attacked during dinner last night and also sees some strange dents on the floor. As the black stains are adult-size, Shinpei decides to check the second floor for Shiori.

Going there, he tries to turn on the lights, but notices a flash behind him. Shiori stands behind him and asks him why he asked her yesterday if she had seem a girl like her. She wonders why is he starring at her and if there is something wrong with her. Shinpei then realizes that Shiori is a shadow and she was at the funeral. As Shiori creates a shadow, he realizes that the flash at the funeral already afflicted with him a shadow sickness. Shiomi then comes and Shiori decides to leave.

After calling the police for the missing Kobayakawa family, Shinpei leaves and wonders what to do next. He figures that he can save the woman with glasses this time and starts looking for her at various inns. However, no one seems to have seen her. He asks Nakamura, but he tells him he gets many visitors. Wondering how to describe her more, Shinpei states he has large bust and Nakamura immediately realizes for who he talks about, but explains she only visited his coffee shop. Shinpei then realizes that later that day, drunk Nakamura will ask him if he found her.

Shinpei then returns to Kofune's Diner, where Tetsu comes and is about to ask him about the fake fight he reported, but Shinpei asks him if he wants the usual and Tetsu confirms. Tetsu reveals that Kobayakawas are missing and that a detective from mainland will be coming this evening. As Tetsu's reaction is different, Shinpei realizes its the real one and not a shadow. Tetsu then hands a phone to Shinpei and Mio recognizes it as Ushio's. Tetsu explains that Ushio came a day before she died and gave him the phone, telling to give it to Shinpei if something where to happen to her. Sou comes and Shinpei decides to tell him everything and that Mio is the next target. Sou wonders if they can recognize who is a shadow, but Shinpei isn't aware of any way. Mio suggests they go to Hiruko, but recalling that Shadow Mio is there, Shinpei wants to avoid it and wonders about tomorrow. Sou reminds him that tomorrow is the festival and its going to be the busiest time of the year for the shrine, thus the priest won't have time for them. However, Shinpei realizes that the more crowded it is, the more safe is for them and convinces them to go tomorrow. Before leaving, Sou suggests they come with a code and Mio suggest Mesopotamian culture. Shinpei and Mio head home, but it starts to rain. While waiting it to stop, Mio wonders how long with Shinpei stay as she kinda wish he to stay forever. She then gives him the shell necklace that Ushio wore, stating she should be happy if he had it.

The next day, Shinpei still haven't found a way to unlock Ushio's phone. Sou, Tokiko and Mio come to pick him up for the festival. Shinpei wonders what Sou wanted to check out yesterday, but Sou states its nothing and wants they to go. They go to the festival and while Shinpei is alone with Sou, he shares that he promised to protect Ushio, but wasn't even here when she needed him. Sou tells him that its not his fault and he needs to protect Mio now, however, if he doesn't, Sou will do it instead. Shinpei then realizes that Sou still has feelings for Mio. Mio then comes, wondering what they talk about and panicking, Sou states they were discussing what they like more, butts or boobs. Mio gives Shinpei a strange look and he tries to explain thats not what they talked about. Tokiko finds it interesting and reveals that Shinpei walked in the bath while Mio was there and asks him what are his feelings for Mio. Shinpei reveals he cares for her, as family. Sou reveals that his father told him that once the fireworks end, the priest would be free and they can go in. Shinpei then sees Ushio in the crowd and runs after her. He follows her to the beach and sees her standing in the water.