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Jamais Vu (未視感(ジャメヴ), Jame Vu) is the 4th episode of the Summer Time Rendering anime.


On the night of the summer festival, a "shadow" of Ushio appears in front of Shinpei. Unlike the other "shadows," she acts as if she were Ushio himself before her death. Shinpei is confused, but he cannot hide his joy at the thought of talking with Ushio, whom he will never see again. Shinpei hides Ushio so that Mio and Sou, who are wary of the "shadow," do not find her, but Ushio is not happy because she wants to see her sister. Later, Mio, the "shadow," reappears in front of Shinpei, who goes to Hiruko to join Sou.


Shinpei sees Ushio on the beach, who then runs at him and hugs him, while being surprised he came back. Shinpei states she is dead and believe she must be a shadow, but Ushio state she is alive. Shinpei wonder what she is doing there and if she remembers what happened. Thinking about it, Ushio can't remember anything outside of feeling pain. She then recalls being underwater and realizes she indeed died and wonders if she is a ghost now. She explains before she died, she had one wish and thats it to see Shinpei one more time. The way she talks and behave, make Shinpei think that she indeed returned from the dead. Ushio reveals she wanted to tell him something if he ever came back and then tells him she loves him. Shinpei tries to remain calm and not be fooled. He asks her what she wants. Looking at the fireworks, Ushio wonders if its 24th already and as Shinpei confirms, she states she wanted to go to the festival with him.

Shinpei realizes that Ushio doesn't think she is a shadow and goes after her at the festival. As she is still in her swimsuit and people stare at her, he takes her and runs away. He tells her to stay hidden until the festival is over as everyone believe she is dead and can't meet her friends. Annoyed, she punches him, warning him that she will punch him if he keeps saying nonsense. As she hit him before warning him, Shinpei feels that's exactly what the real Ushio would have done. The two then talk for a bit and Ushio has all the memories of when they were young, but doesn't know anything about shadows. Mio calls Shinpei and seeing its Mio, Ushio takes the phone and greets her. That shocks Mio, but Shinpei quickly explains its him and Mio is imagining it. Mio then tells him that the fireworks are over and they are at the shrine. Shinpei tells her he will come and tells Ushio to stay hidden until he comes back. He reminds her that she told him to protect Mio, but Ushio has no such memory.

Shinpei joins Mio and the rest and they watch the ceremony of "omiokuri". On Hitogashima, they believe that anything that washes ashore, god dwells in it, the deity Hiruko no Mikoto, the god of fishing. They collect all wreckage and burn it during the summer festival, sending the god off. Sou wants to talk with Mio in private. Tokiko tells Shinpei that Sou intends to confess to Mio, but thinks won't work out as Mio already loves someone else. Shinpei wonders who, but Tokiko refuses to tell him. Sou then asks Tokiko and Shinpei to listen and tells Mio that he loves her and wants to protect her. However, Mio states she likes him, but wishes they to remain friends. A disguised Ushio then appears and tries to cheer up Sou. As her disguise is poor, everyone quickly recognizes her. She attempts to deny it, but as its too late, she states she wanted to see them. However, Mio states its not Ushio, but a monster and warns Shinpei to stay away from her as she is a shadow. Shinpei refuses, and grabs Ushio, causing her pain. He then looks at Ushio and asks her what she was thinking, as she can't trade places with someone who just had a funeral and guesses she had no intention of switching. As a shadow comes out of Sinpei, everyone realizes that Shinpei is a shadow too.

About ten minutes earlier, while running towards the shrine, Shinpei encounters shadow Mio who had just killed someone. Shadow Mio then grabs and throws Shinpei, stating that she heard he recorded her, but that wouldn't be possible, unless he knew she was coming. Shinpei notices many black strains, realizes Mio had just killed many people. Mio asks if the traitor told him, but as the plan is almost complete, she can't let any interference. A shadow Shinpei then appears and wonders how many times has Shinpei died, and creates a flash. Shinpei realizes that the flash at Shiori's house made a copy of him and all of his memories until then, but this new flash will now update and learn everything. Mio then tries to kill Shinpei, but shadow Shinpei stops her, stating they need to think a bit more and if they kill him, he can just loop again. Shadow Shinpei states that Shinpei can't control it on will, but if he keeps returning to 22nd, he will one day become a hindrance. Shadow Shinpei tells Mio to take his phone and to send others to get Ushio. He then proceeds towards the shrine. Shinpei wishes to stop him, but Mio breaks his arm, stating he is struggling pointlessly as Mother will soon wake up. As Shinpei keeps struggling, Mio wonders if she should break his leg too, but in that moment, Hizuru appears and shoots her in the head.