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Enemy (仇敵, Kyūteki) is the 7th episode of the Summer Time Rendering anime.


Hizuru reads the loop record compiled by Shinpei and determines that what is happening to him is true. She once had an experience that gave her reason to believe Shinpei's story. Although Hizuru refrains from saying much so as not to risk being revealed to the "shadows," she says that she will help Shinpei. Shinpei, Hizuru, and Ginjiro head to the Kobayakawa family to defeat the "shadows" of the Kobayakawa family. The three succeed in capturing Shiori's "shadow," but...


Hizuru guesses that Shinpei is a time traveller and he confirms. She then believes it wasn't her who made the reveal, and wonders if Shinpei met her brother. Shinpei reveals everything he knows, making Hizuru note that she can make this the plot of her next novel. Shinpei guesses she believed him due to the novel Swampman, as the Swampman appears just like the Shadows. Hizuru explains that she met a shadow fourteen years ago and it killed her family. However, she can't tell him more as if the Shadows copy Shinpei, they will learn her secret. Ginjiro says that shadows target families and they will target Hizuru again. Shinpei realizes why he, Ushio and Mio are targeted and wonders about Alain, but Hizuru states she killed his shadow. Ginjiro explains that once your shadow is killed, they can't copy you anymore. Ginjiro himself have this immunity and they can never copy him again. Hizuru tells Shinpei that she will help him and wonders about his plan. Shinpei explains they time limit is 54 hours, but first wants to help Mio and take out her shadow. Hizuru agrees, but states there is one problem first and Shinpei guesses its the Kobayakawas, however, he saw Shiori's shadow at the festival, which means Hizuru would fail to eliminate her and wish to come with her.

In front of Kobe Mart, Hizuru turns into Ryunosuke and listens to Shinpei's and Hizuru's earlier conversation. Ginjiro explains that because Ryunosuke doesn't have Hizuru's memories. Ryunosuke rings at the doorbell and Asako opens, Ryunosuke explains he brings souvenirs and Shiori secretly tells Asako to let her in. Asako then introduces her family, her husband Tatsuo and daughter Shiori. As Ryunosuke enters, he opens his luggage and takes out a hammer and immediately smashes Asako's head. He notes that if he went right away for their shadows, the other two will know he knows how to kill them and keep their distance, so he must take out the three of them at the same time. Shinpei wonders if Hizuru has dual personality, but Ginjiro states he is close, but not quite. Tatsuo then attacks Ryunosuke, but he smashes his head too. Ginjiro tells Shinpei that if he goes in, the reason why Shiori escapes may change and Hizuru is right now trying to learn why she managed to escape. Ryunosuke gets a glimpse of his death and then avoids Asako's attack, and proceeds smashing her shadow and killing her. Shinpei wants to know more about Ryunosuke and Ginjiro explains he was Hizuru's twin brother, but she found him dead fourteen years ago. He had bite marks all over his body, making people think it was wild dogs, but the bites were distraction for the strangle marks on his neck. No one believed Hizuru that this was murder and they cremated Ryunosuke's body. Meanwhile, Hizuru smashes Shiori's shadow. Shiori takes damage, but manages to separate part of her shadow surrounding the hammer and survives with injuries. Shiori then grabs Ryunosuke by the neck, strangling him and commenting that he knows how to kill shadow and is dangerous. Shiori comments that Ryunosuke moves faster than the shadows and wonders if he is even human. Ryunosuke tells her to copy him and ask herself. Ryunosuke manages to grab some chopsticks and as Shiori's shadow is on him, he stabs himself to hit the shadow. Shiori escapes on the third floor. Ryunosuke texts Ginjiro, informing them that Asako and Tatsuo are dead, but Shiori went on the third floor and Shinpei may be correct. They proceed with Plan B and Ginjiro takes out some nail guns for him and Shinpei.

On the third floor, Ryunosuke enters Shiori's room and texts Ginjiro that she managed to escape from the window. He feels her presence behind him and tells her its pointless as if she copies him, she won't be able to move for a few seconds. Realizing she can't copy Hizuru, Shiori retreats into her shadow and escapes from the window. Ginjiro then starts shooting her with his nail gun. He hits her two times, but Shiori manages to escape past him. As she is about to escape, Shinpei comes out and charges at Shiori and takes her to the ground. Shiori bites him, but Ginjiro shoots three nails at her shadow and tells Shinpei its safe to let her go as she won't be able to escape now, since piercing a shadow three times, it stops them from moving. Ryunosuke learns something new, that when they are pinned they can't withdraw from their 3D body.

Shiori laughs and Ryunosuke explains that she is different than the other shadows, that's why they went with Plan B. Ryunosuke asks Shiori if she was the one that killed Ushio and Shiori confirms. Shinpei gets angry and asks her why Ushio, and what's they goal. Shiori states the end is coming this summer and she is gathering her family and leaving. She states that while a shadow copied her, she copied all of Shiori's mind and memories, so she is the real Shiori right now. Shen then asks Shinpei to become a shadow like her and be her big brother. As she laughs, Shinpei barely holds his fist. Ryunosuke smashes Shiori and kills her, stating that if you talk with a shadow for too long, you can only get misled. Shinpei wonders what's the difference between the copy and the original, and recalls that's the theme of Swampman and wonders what Ryunosuke thinks about it.

Ginjiro reveals he told Shinpei about Ryunosuke. Ryunosuke then introduces himself as Ryunosuke Minamikata, Hizuru's brother. He explains that Hizuru wrote the novels, but he comes to surface when she is forced to deal with things she dislikes, like interviews or meetings. he guesses that Shinpei had read some of her novels and Ginjiro reveals he is actually quite a freaky fan. Ryunosuke is surprised as this wasn't mentioned by Hizuru in her notes, guessing she is bashful, but in that moment, he raises his fist and punches himself. Hizuru then takes over, stating that she isn't bashful and isn't hiding anything, but decided to cut in as they were going off topic. She tells him that he must not falter in front of the shadows and to save his philosophy talk for after everything is finished. She wonders if he can really kill Mio's shadow. They head towards Kofune's house and exchange phone numbers. Hizuru tells Shinpei to act as he would normally do and observe until the shadow shows up.

Entering the Kofune house, Shinpei sees Mio with a bloody knife. He is shocked, but then sees she is cutting onions and she gets teary eyes, she ended up cutting herself. Shinpei finds it strange as she never had cooked before, but Mio explains that he seemed down and she decided to do something to cheer him up. Shinpei takes the knife and steps on her shadow to confirm she is human and decides to proceed making curry himself. Mio goes to wash her face, moments later Shinpei hears a stomach grow and wonders if Mio is that hungry, but as he turns, he sees Ushio, who confirms she is hungry.