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Memento (メメント, Memento) is the 8th episode of the Summer Time Rendering anime.


Shinpei returns to the Kobune family as Hizuru and Ginjiro watch over him to defeat Mio's "shadow" that appeared in the first night. However, Ushio, who was not "supposed to be there" yet, appears. Ushio, like Shinpei, had looped back from the summer festival on the 24th. Surprised by the sudden turn of events, Shinpei tries to sort out the situation, but is suddenly and unexpectedly attacked by Mio's "shadow". Shinpei avoids being killed with the help of Ushio, but Ushio's arm is cut open instead.


Ushio appears behind Shinpei and is happy to see he is making his curry. Shinpei is surprised and comments that she should have appeared on 24th at the festival. Ushio wonders how he knows that and explains that some shadow-like monsters would appear at the festival and eat everyone. Shinpei realizes that she had already been at the festival, which makes Ushio wonder if he too was already there. As Mio comes in, Shinpei hides Ushio under the counter, her stomach rumbles and Mio comments it sounds like his sisters, but is glad as if he is hungry, it means he is okay. Shinpei proceeds with cooking. Once Alain comes, he gives a note to Ushio, telling her that in five minutes, Alain will go to the washroom and then Mio will go to the rest room. While they are gone, Ushio should go to Shinpei's room. Once he done everything as before and the cooking is done, Shinpei states he is quite hungry and takes two plates and heads into his room.

Once inside his room, Shinpei sees Ushio, who is eagerly waiting for the curry. Shinpei wonders why Shadow Ushio managed to loop with him and asks her from where she came. Ushio explains she walked from Omoto Beach, where she woke up. Recalling Mio calling her a "monster", Ushio states she stayed out of sight and no one saw her. Shinpei touches Ushio's shadow, who gets startled and states that tickled. Shinpei is ready to kill her, seeing she is totally off-guard, but recalls she did help him. Shinpei recalls when he told Ushio that he will be going to Tokyo and entering a culinary school. He told her that he can't keep being a burden to Kofune family, but in reality, he loves Ushio and can't keep being her step-brother. On his last day on the island, Ushio requested he to make her curry, but Shinpei was busy with packing his stuff and told her next time. Shadow Ushio tells Shinpei that she is glad to be able to again eat his curry, which causes Shinpei to decide to not kill her. Ushio tells him that she wants to stop the monsters and both agree to work together to prevent the events at the festival. Shinpei wonders if Ushio can copy people, but Ushio isn't able to.

In ten minutes, Shadow Mio is to appear. Hizuru who turned into her brother Ryunosuke, asks Ginjiro if he is in position and he confirms. He also tells Ryunosuke to not rely on everything that Shinpei said as prey tends to be unpredictable. Ryunosuke sends a message to Shinpei, asking if there are any changes. Shinpei then wonders if he should tell about Ushio, but ends up not responding. He asks Ushio if she ain't going to change clothes. Ushio then realizes its indeed weird to stay in a swimsuit, but in that moment, her swimsuit starts to disappear. As she ends up naked, she punches Shinpei for seeing her and asks him to give her some clothes. He gives her a shirt and explains that Mio's shadow is coming. He points out there is no point in locking up, as the shadows can withdraw into their shadows an enter from the smallest cracks, which makes Ushio attempt to do it, but fails. Shinpei also explains that Mio's shadow haven't entered the house before, so there is nothing to worry. Meanwhile, a shadow entered the house.

Mio comes to Shinpei's room and Ushio hides under the blanket. Mio is there to take the dishes, but is surprised that Shinpei used two spoons and glasses, but guesses its because Ushio came, explaining that at Hitogashima the souls of the dead return to their homes and become protective deities. Mio leaves, but returns in few seconds, which scares Shinpei as she almost saw Ushio. However, he notices that she is in her school uniform. Shadow Mio then attempts to stab him, but Ushio protects him and takes the hit. Ushio then pushes Mio back, but she enters her shadow and comes out and stabs Ushio's shadow, wounding her. Shinpei realizes he can't win and opens the curtains and challenges Mio. Mio then looks at Ushio and asks her why she protect him, as he, Hizuru and Ginjiro had killed a shadow. Ushio states she loves Shinpei and there is nothing wrong in siding with the one you love. Mio starts yelling that Ushio died and turns towards Shinpei to kill him. In that moment, Ginjiro blows her head through the window. Shinpei drops on his knees and stabs Mio's shadow. As Shadow Mio dies, she wonders why as she too loves him. Ryunosuke enters Shinpei's room and as he is about to smash Ushio's head, Shinpei protects her with his body, stopping Ryunosuke. Shinpei states he knows that Ryunosuke hates Shadows and their goal is to eliminate them all, but Ushio had saved him twice, shielding him with her own body. Shinpei begs Hizuru to save Ushio and threat her wound. Ryunosuke turns to Hizuru and states that if he sides with the shadow, she will kill him too. Shinpei doesn't care and states he will loop again and convince her next time. Ushio asks if the real Mio is okay. Hizuru confirms and states she is in the bathroom. Hizuru then realizes Ushio's voice is the same as the message she received that led her to the island and decides to help her.

Once outside, Hizuru pours water on Ushio's arm, which then disappears. Ushio panics, but then states it doesn't hurt. Hizuru explains the wound was a projection of the damage done to her main body. Hizuru explains that she was regular at the Kofune restaurant before, but Ushio doesn't remember her. Hizuru then plays her the message, in which Ushio states that the Shadows kill everyone at the festival, requesting Hizuru's help and that the only one who can stop them is Shinpei Ajiro. However, Ushio has no memories of it too. Ginjiro wonders why Mio shadow acted differently this time and entered the house. Shinpei states she knew they killed Shiori. Hizuru guesses that Mio acknowledged them as threat and moved to eliminate them. In the other loops, they were after Hizuru and Ginjiro, but in this loop, they know that Shinpei is with them. Shinpei wonders how they know that, since they killed all the shadows at Kobayakawas. Hizuru tells him that they can't continue to work together if he intends to stick with Ushio's shadow. She agrees that Ushio at the moment has no ill intention and is probably faulty, but at some point she may get "fixed". As they leave, Shinpei tells Hizuru that on 23rd, just past 3PM, she got killed by Mio's shadow in the forest around the shrine. While Mio is now defeated, a replacement may still come.

In the morning of 23rd, Ushio is hungry and Shinpei goes to take some food. He visits Mio, who spend the night talking to Tokiko, and tells her that he is awaken, so she doesn't need to go to his room. Mio then gives him the shell necklace, which Shinpei then shows to Ushio, but she doesn't remember anything additional. Shinpei proceeds doing what he did on 23rd and goes to work at the restaurant. He receives Ushio's phone from Tetsu and Sou comes to the restaurant. Knowing that it will later rain, Shinpei takes two umbrellas and they go out. Sou states he needs to tell him something related to Ushio's death. Ushio appears behind him and comments its the strangle marks, meaning she was likely killed. Sou confirms, but then realizes its Ushio and is shocked. Shinpei and Ushio then tell him everything. At the end Sou apologizes for not doing enough to save Ushio and states she can punch him. In that moment, Ushio kicks him, wondering if he is happy now and to stand up as they are relying on him. They are at the private beach where Ushio died, but Shadow Ushio has no memories. Shinpei gives her phone, stating he wanted to look through it, but it was locked. Ushio realizes the password had changed, but unlocks it with her fingerprint. As she looks at it, she sees there is a video from 20th in the morning, the day she died.