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Flow, My Tears (流れよ我が涙, Nagareyo Waga Namida) is the 9th episode of the Summer Time Rendering anime.


The video left on the cell phone which Ushio left, they see Ushio and her Shadow together. The two Ushio's begin to talk about the events from the time they met to the time they left the video. Ushio is perplexed by Shadow Ushio, who does not doubt that she is the "real" Ushio, but they soon begin to cooperate in their search for the truth behind the "shadows". Ushio's "shadow" regains all her memories and powers after seeing the video, and tries to make Shinpei and his friends relive the time of Ushio's death.


Watching the video, Shinpei and the rest see Ushio who states she has a message for Shinpei and guesses that if he or anyone else is watching it, it would mean she is dead. She then calls her Shadow and the two Ushio stand to each other. Ushio explains that her Shadow isn't an evil one and its likely that she is right now standing next to Shinpei as only the two Ushio can unlock the phone. Ushio states Shinpei can get the details from her Shadow, but she wished to leave him a direct message from her. Ushio then states that everything started with Shiori.

On July 17th, at Kobe Mart, Ushio and Mio are shopping and Shiori tells them that she was followed by a look-alike. However, they don't take her seriously, guessing its just some creep and she needs to report it to Tetsu Totsumura. The next day on July 18th, while cleaning the beach, Ushio sees a flash and as she turns, she sees her shadow and points it to Mio. Shadow Ushio then runs and Ushio goes after her, but looses her and only finds her hat, which then disappears. She recalls what Shiori said and returns to the beach to talk with her and states she believes her. At home, Mio thinks that Shinpei will come this year, but Ushio states she doesn't care and can stay in Tokyo forever, however, Mio then teases her that she doesn't mean it as she loves him. Ushio then heads to take a bath, but finds Shadow Ushio in it. Ushio tries to call Mio, but Shadow Ushio stops her. She explains that she is Ushio Kofune and came back to her house, but hid as she saw Ushio with Mio. The two of them then think the other is the Shadow, but then realizes that if Shadows are real, then Shiori's Shadow is somewhere on the island. They recall that Shiori mentioned she saw her Shadow for the first time on Mount Takanosu and agree to investigate it.

The two head in the mountain, but are unable to find anything. Shadow Ushio then sees a sign, stating its dangerous ahead and they decide to proceed. They reach the old Hishigata family clinic, which had rumours to be haunted, making everyone avoids it. Shadow Ushio has a weird feeling of being there before. They hear some noise and see a Shadow holding a crow. The Shadow then flashes and copies Ushio. The third Ushio attacks them and pins Shadow Ushio to a tree. Ushio attempts to attack the third Ushio, but her attacks has no effect. She ends up hitting her shadow by accident, which hurts the third Ushio, who then kicks Ushio away. Third Ushio then stabs Shadow's Ushio shadow, injuring her leg. At first Shadow Ushio is surprised, but then figures that a Shadow's weakness is their flat shadow, which would mean she isn't a human. Shadow Ushio then uses her hair to cut third Ushio's arm and free herself. As third Ushio runs, Shadow Ushio follows her realizing that her real body is the shadow and the projected body is a weapon to protect the real body. She catches up to third Ushio and slashes her shadow, killing her. Ushio tells Shadow Ushio that she is cool. Shadow Ushio then flashes and updates her data, copying her data on her healthy foot and heals her own foot. Shadow Ushio explains that she will eventually disappear, but if she kills the original, she will become the original. Her instincts tell her to kill Ushio, and normally she would have done it by now. Ushio realizes why its said that you will die if you see your Shadow and that Shiori is in danger.

As they finish watching the video, Shinpei realizes that the two Ushio tried to save Shiori. Shadow Ushio tells him that she now remembers everything, including her powers. She then offers them to replay the past from her memory data and show them what happened on the private beach on July 21st.

Shadow Ushio then shows them the beach on 21st. She takes them to where she and Ushio where and there Shadow Ushio copies Ushio in her swimsuit. Ushio asks Shadow Ushio if she can become her shell necklace and Shadow Ushio turns into it. Ushio then puts on the necklace and takes the real one to her bag. Shiori was mocked by Hamaji for being unable to swim and she asks Mio how to become a great swimmer, and Mio decides to teach her. Ushio then comes and states that she will protect Shiori, but Shiori wonders what she means. A young girl, Akari, had pooped in her swimsuit and Hamaji tells Mio, who decides to take Akari and go clean her. While they were looking away, Shiori ended in the water and is drowning. Shadow Ushio tells Ushio that she senses a Shadow under the water. Mio leaves Akari to Tokiko and wants to go and help her with Sou, but Ushio stops them and asks them to leave it to her. Ushio jumps in the water and swims to Shiori, who is being dragged deeper underwater by Shadow Shiori. Shadow Ushio turns back to her Ushio form and slashes Shadow Shiori's arm. She grabs Shiori and heads to the surface, but Shadow Shiori's arm is still on her and surrounds them with shadow arms. Ushio pulls Shadow Shiori out of them, but Shadow Shiori starts strangling her. Ushio tells Shadow Ushio to ignore her and continue to save Shiori. Moments later, Shadow Shiori catches up to Shadow Ushio, wanting them to stop and Shadow Ushio sees Ushio's body falling down towards the bottom. Shadow Ushio slashes Shadow Shiori, but Shiori manages to grab her and realizes that Shadow Ushio is faulty. She attempts to fix her, but as she senses that Mio and Sou are coming, she releases Shadow Ushio who starts falling towards the bottom, erases Shiori and then acts unconscious for Mio and Sou to save her.

Shadow Ushio apologizes for not being able to save Shiori, but promises that she will help Shinpei wipe out the Shadow. Sou is angry and states he wants to kill Shadow Shiori, but Shinpei tells him he already did. Shadow Shiori who is carried by Mio then grabs Shinpei's arm, stating she found him. Shinpei is surprised as this was a recording and they couldn't interact with others. Shadow Ushio tells him that this isn't part of her memory. Shadow Shiori then turns into Heine, stating she was looking for him for quite some time and isn't letting him go. Shadow Ushio stops the replay and they return to the beach, but sees that Shinpei has a mark on his arm where Heine grabbed him.