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Haine (ハイネ, Haine) is the God of Hitogashima, Hiruko no Mikoto and "Mother" to the Shadows. She takes the appearance and the name of the first person she copied, Haine. As she has issues moving, Haine had copied Shiori Kobayakawa and transforms to her when needs to explore the island.


Haine is a short girl with white hair and blood red eyes. She normally wears a red yukata with a flower blossom pattern and floral obi. Due to her injuries she is incapable of walking without help.

In her natural form prior to meeting to Haine, she took on the appearance of a whale's shadow. Though its likely her actual shadow-form is much larger due as her awakening at end of the third loop consumed the whole island.



3rd Loop[]

The parent shadow offers large amount of humans to Haine, who then appears in the sky and shines in red. As the shadow spread and consumes all humans on the island, Haine licks her lips for the good meal. Shinpei asks Hizuru to kill him, so he can return in time and as she does, he starts floating in a ghost-like form. He looks at Haine, who also turns and looks at him, but he then travels back in time.

4th Loop[]

On the fourth loop, Shadow Ushio replays the death of Ushio for Shinpei and Sou. At the end, Shiori grabs Shinpei's arm, surprising him that they can interact, however, Shiori then turns to Haine, who tells Shinpei that she found him finally and won't be letting him go. However, Shadow Ushio ends the replay and they manage to escape Haine.

Tokiko takes Shinpei, Shadow Ushio and Sou in front of Haine. She explains that Haine is Hiruko, the god of the island and likes to be called and look like Haine, the first person she copied. Lately, she had issues walking and needed a body replacement. Haine then turns into Shiori, making Shinpei realize its Haine who killed Ushio. Tokiko calls Negoro, who brings two coffins for Haine. Tokiko explains that her family for generations have been bringing all the dead from the island for Haine to eat. Haine then eats the first body and prepares to eat Ushio's body, but Shinpei asks Shadow Ushio to print him a nailgun. With it, he frees Ushio, who then takes Ushio's body. Annoyed, they stole her food, Haine transforms Negoro into a more wild and muscular form, but she ends up defeated by Ushio. Shinpei then gets close and points the nailgun at Haine, but the shadow parent shows up and cuts his fingers. He notes that Haine was about to eat Shinpei, but mustn't and Haine confirms, as she was annoyed they stole her food. He promises to take Ushio's body back and shows he has Mio, but tells Haine to not eat her as well as she is important hostage. As the shadow kills Sou and Tokiko, Haine takes Shinpei's eye, but the eye returns back to him. Since Ushio had became quite strong, she decides it would be a waste to kill her and decides to reprogram her so that she can help at the festival. She starts corroding her, but after Shinpei takes the poison and starts dying, Ushio manages to withstand the corrosion and turn it against Haine. Haine tells the shadow to kill Ushio, even if he needs to kill her as well. The shadow jumps in to kill Ushio, but Shinpei dies and takes Ushio and loops back with her.

5th Loop[]

At the Kobayakawas, Hizuru and the rest appear to kill Shiori, however, she is with the four-armed shadow, who then kills Hizuru. Shiori asks Shinpei if he remembers when she told him she found him and gave him the black mark on his hand. From then on, she always knew where he was. She has been chasing him ever since their eyes met at the summer festival. Haine then reveals she can loop as well. She shadow states that they don't need two observers and the true world will be seen by the one who survives. The shadow then attacks and kills Ginjiro. The shadow then surrounds Shinpei and is about to capture him, but Ushio cuts Shinpei's head. As the shadow is about to smash her, Shinpei's loop is activated and Ushio vanishes with Shinpei. Haine is fine with that, as this was just a greeting and knows that no matter how many times he loops, she will eventually catch up to him.

6th Loop[]

Haine loops back in Shiori. Confirming what time it was, and the last times of the loops, she realizes the starting point is getting later. The four armed shadow Shide, guesses its because Shinpei's power is waning. Shiori is fine that they keep letting Shinpei loop, as that will give him less and less time, until he reaches his limit, thus they should focus on killing him than keeping him alive. A hour and a bit later, they head for Shinpei at the elementary school. After killing the scouting Ginjiro, Shide takes his rifle and snipe kills Shinpei.

7th Loop[]

Haine and Shide arrive with more shadows at the school and find Shinpei outside. They think its a trap, but Shinpei states he just wants to fight fair and square. They send shadow Mio to kill him, but Ushio appears and they run with Ushio. Haine then orders the shadows to go and kill Shinpei, while Mio go and take out Ginjiro, who had started shooting at them. They encounter Hizuru in a corridor, who defends Shinpei and kills all shadows that come after him. Hizuru sees that Shide will shoot Shinpei and takes the bullet, saving him, making Haine note that she knew she would do that as she too has the sight and is able to see two seconds into the future. Shide is about to finish Hizuru, but Ginjiro shoots at them, making her wonder what Mio is doing. Haine then sees Mio is fighting two stray shadows commanded by Tokiko and is surprised by her betrayal. She tries to order the shadows that Tokiko isn't their master and to kill her, but the shadows doesn't listen, making her realize that Ushio had severed the connection to them. Angry, Haine merges all shadows into Shide and heads after Ushio.

They reach the gymnasium, where Ushio copies gasoline and Shinpei ignites it. While burning, Haine with Asako jumps at the ceiling, but is shot by Shinpei and injured. Ushio then grabs her and prepares to erase Shiori, but Haine starts begging not to as she wants to take her and her family with her and live with them. Distracted for a moment, gives Shide a chance to grab and pull Ushio into the fire, while also shooting at Shinpei, but purposely missing vital organs, so he dies slowly and after Ushio. However, Ushio reveals to be a dummy and appears behind Shide, punching him and start erasing him. Haine scans the air and erases it from the gymnasium, putting out the fire and creating vacuum that causes the windows to burst, giving them chance to escape. Haine then asks Shide if he is fine and Shide confirms that he will be able to reconstruct, however, all other shadows had died from the fire.


  • Her original name translates as "Leech Child".


  • Her inability to walk is likely a reference to the shinto mythos regarding Ebisu/Hiruko, who was born without legs.
  • Her ability to regenerate from damage without absorbing data is likely due to the fact she is the Mother of the Shadows. So she only needs the initial data to regenerate endlessly.