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Masahito Karikiri (雁切 真砂人, Karikiri Masahito) is the chief priest of the Nitto Shrine in the northern part of Nittogashima and the head of the Karikiri family, which is in charge of rituals. He is soft-spoken and easy to talk to, but his long stories are his weak point.


Masahito is an young adult man with medium long light brown hair. He wears glasses and is usually in his priest uniform.



Masahito performs the funeral of Ushio Kofune and calls Shinpei Ajiro to help with the procession.

On the fourth July 22nd, at the funeral, Masahito recognizes Hizuru Minakata, even though its been fourteen years. She asks him if Ushio is from the Kofune restaurant and he confirms. He wonders why she came back, but as she was replying, he interrupts her, guessing she studied for being a teacher or doctor. Hizuru gets annoyed and tells him she remembered why she couldn't stand him. Masahito then calls Alain wanting to see if he will recognize Hizuru, but Hizuru reveals her name.

At the funeral crematorium, Shinpei asks him if he knows about the shadow sickness and Masahito confirms as it was his grandfather who named it. As he describes the woman on the boat, Masahito guesses he is talking about Hizuru.


  • The name Masahito means "real, genuine" (真) (ma), "sand, grit" (砂) (sa) and "person" (人) (hito).
  • Masahito's surname Karikiri means "goose/wild goose" (雁) (kari) and "cut/cutoff/off, be sharp, ardent, eager, acute, keen" (切) (kiri).