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Shadow (影, Kage) are mysterious creatures that inhabit Hitogashima. Their goal is to revive their "Mother", Heine.


Shadow's can take the appearance of any human once they scan him. When not copying a human, they can take a humanoid shadow form. When facing a shadow human, their true form is the flat shadow on the ground.


They dislike being stepped on, so they will avoid anything that tries to step on them.

Power & Abilities[]

The shadows can copy scan and copy any humans along with his memories, allowing them to perfectly replace them. Their true form is the flat shadow on the ground, while the human is just a collected flesh, which can't be killed and can be regenerated. The true form is vulnerable by physical objects and can be killed by normal weapons. To scan a full human requires more energy. And once they create the flash, the shadows are unable to move for a few seconds, leaving them vulnerable for attacks. If the flat shadow is pierced three times at the same time, the shadow becomes unable to move both her true form and 3D flesh body.

Hizuru's sister hypothesis, the Shadows scan humans with light and absorb their information. The shadows survive by eating human data, however, the data of taste requires them to consume the subject directly, which action leaves black stains behind.

Known Shadows[]

Some shadows only appeared during certain loops due to unique actions.

Shadow Mio Kofune: At night, Shadow Mio stares at Kofune's house and later leaves. The next day, in the forest near the shrine, Shadow Mio shoots and injures Hizuru. Real Mio Kofune and Shinpei Ajiro hear the gunshot and follow it and find Hizuru. Mio heads to look for help, while Hizuru attempts to warn Shinpei, but Shadow Mio shoots her in the head. Shadow Mio had captured Mio and then kills both Mio and Shinpei.

Shadow Tetsu Totsumura: Tetsu enters the dinner and asks for the usual. Mio takes his order, but wonders why he didn't came this morning for breakfast. Tetsu explains that all Kobayakawa family had vanished. In the morning, their Koba Mart wasn't open, so their neighbour, Shiomi's wife, peeked in their house and it was all empty. Tetsu believes they may had a debt and fled during the night.

Shadow Mio Kofune & Tetsu Totsumura: Tetsu Totsumura sees Shadow Mio standing in front of Kofune's house. Shadow Mio then kills him, stabbing him multiple times with a kitchen knife. She then flashes and creates another Shadow, which transforms into Tetsu. Shadow Tetsu touches the dead Tetsu, causing another flash and disentigrading his body. Shadow Mio informs Shadow Tetsu that he is now Tetsu Totsumura, the police officer. Assuming his role, Mio then asks him to give her his gun, causing Tetsu to realize she still haven't killed the real Mio and taken her place. Mio explains her morning attempt failed and it would be easier to kill her if she sends her to the hospital. Taking the gun, Shadow Mio comments that she can't go in and kill her now or everyone will hear the gunshot and will be just scouting for today. In that moment, Shinpei's phone vibrates, Mio hears it, find Shinpei and stabs him in the neck. As he bleeds out, Tetsu wonders if Mio will copy him, but she starts to explain that Shinpei is already something, but he isn't able to hear the rest.

Shadow Shiori Kobayakawa: Shinpei and Shiomi enter the Kobayakawas house as their shop is closed. Shinpei goes on the second floor, where he encounters Shadow Shiori who asks him why he asked her yesterday if she had seem a girl like her. She wonders why is he starring at her and if there is something wrong with her. Shinpei then realizes that Shiori is a shadow and she was at the funeral. As Shiori creates a shadow, he realizes that the flash at the funeral already afflicted with him a shadow sickness. Shiomi then comes and Shiori decides to leave.

Shadow Ushio Kofune: Shinpei finds Ushio at the beach. He tells her she died, but Ushio has no memories and only remembers some pain, and believes he is human. Ushio reveals she wanted to tell him something if he ever came back and then tells him she loves him. He asks her what she wants. Looking at the fireworks, Ushio wonders if its 24th already and as Shinpei confirms, she states she wanted to go to the festival with him. As she goes to the festival, he goes after her and tells her to stay hidden until the festival is over as everyone believe she is dead and can't meet her friends. Annoyed, she punches him, warning him that she will punch him if he keeps saying nonsense. Mio calls Shinpei and seeing its Mio, Ushio takes the phone and greets her, but Shinpei tells Mio its him.

Shinpei goes to his friends at the shrine and unable to sit still, Ushio heads too. She uses a mask to disguise her and sees how Sou Hishigata gets turned down by Mio and tries to comfort him, but everyone sees through her disguise. Shadow Shinpei appears and captures Ushio and asks her what she was thinking, as she can't trade places with someone who just had a funeral and guesses she had no intention of switching. Ushio awakens and tries to get free from Shadow Shinpei, but tells her she is a shadow like them as a human can't heal a broken arm that fast. Shadow Parent attempts to consume Shinpei, but Ushio comes and punches him, giving time for Hizuru to kill Shinpei and send him back in time.

Shadow Mio Kofune: At the stairs towards the shrine, Shadow Mio stands and kills people. She sees Shinpei coming and grabs him and throws him, stating that she heard he recorded her, but that wouldn't be possible, unless he knew she was coming. Mio asks if the traitor told him, but as the plan is almost complete, she can't let any interference. Shadow Shinpei appears and obtains Shinpei's current memories. Mio then tries to kill Shinpei, but shadow Shinpei stops her, stating they need to think a bit more and if they kill him, he can just loop again. Shadow Shinpei tells Mio to take his phone and to send others to get Ushio. Shinpei wishes to stop him, but Mio breaks his arm, stating he is struggling pointlessly as Mother will soon wake up. As Shinpei keeps struggling, Mio wonders if she should break his leg too, but in that moment, Hizuru appears and shoots her in the head. Mio retreats in her shadow and regenerates. In her shadow she slides behind Hizuru and comes out attempting to stab Hizuru, however, Hizuru dodges and points the gun at Mio's shadow on the ground and shoots it. Mio is surprised she managed to dodge that and then dies from the gunshot.

Shadow Shinpei Ajiro: At the stairs towards the shrine, after Shadow Mio captures Shinpei, shadow Shinpei appears and wonders how many times has Shinpei died, and creates a flash, obtaining current Shinpei memories. Mio then tries to kill Shinpei, but shadow Shinpei stops her, stating they need to think a bit more and if they kill him, he can just loop again. Shadow Shinpei states that Shinpei can't control it on will, but if he keeps returning to 22nd, he will one day become a hindrance. Shadow Shinpei tells Mio to take his phone and to send others to get Ushio. He then proceeds towards the shrine. At the shrine, he captures Ushio and asks her what she was thinking, as she can't trade places with someone who just had a funeral and guesses she had no intention of switching. Ushio awakens and tries to get free from Shadow Shinpei, but tells her she is a shadow like them as a human can't heal a broken arm that fast.

Shadow Sou Hishigata: At the shrine, after the shadows started killing the humans there, Shadow Sou attempts to kill Mio with an axe, but Sou uses his body to protect her and dies. Shadow Sou attempts to kill her again, but now Hizuru shoots and blasts his hands.

Shadow Parent: At the shrine, after Shinpei and Hizuru arrive, Shadow Parent creates a female shadow from itself, who points a gun at Hizuru, but seeing a glimpse of the future, she manages to dodge the shot. Shadow Parent grabs Shinpei, and looking at its right eye, he realizes it must by the eye their Mother lost long ago. He wonders why he have it, but states he can control time with it. Shadow Parent states that if a "hero" dies, he can continue from a "save point" until it defeats the "Demon King", and the only way for the Demon King to win is to cut the "electrical power". He then tells Shinpei to observe him as he cuts the power. Shadow Parent consumes all human bodies and offers them as meal and asks their Mother to grant him the last of her strength. Mother then appears floating in the air in a shinning red light. Shadow Parent starts spreading across the island and consume anyone it touches. Shadow Parent attempts to consume Shinpei, but Ushio comes and punches him, giving time for Hizuru to kill Shinpei and send him back in time.

Shadow Mio Kofune: Shadow Mio copies Alain Kofune and creates Shadow Alain, but learns that he also doesn't know where Ushio is.

After learning that Shiori was killed, Mio decides to eliminate Shinpei. Instead of staying in front of the house, she enters and gets to his room. She attempts to stab him, but Ushio protects him and takes the hit. Mio then stabs her shadow and wounds her. Shinpei opens the curtain and challenges Mio, but she wonders why Ushio protected him. Ushio tells her its because she loves him. Getting angry, Mio starts saying that she died and attempts to kill Shinpei, but Ginjiro blows her head through the window and Shinpei then stabs her shadow. As she died, she tells Shinpei that she also loves him.

Shadow Asako, Tetsuo and Shiori Kobayakawa Family: At the funeral, Asako recognizes Hizuru and tells her that Ushio saved her daughter, Shiori, from drowning. She proceeds to cry about the tragedy, but Hizuru sees that the Kobayawa family are all shadows.

Shinpei tells Shiori that what she saw is a shadow and if she sees her again, she must run. A bit later Asako approaches Shinpei and asks him what he means. Seeing they are shadows, Shinpei explains its something he heard from Mio's grandmother when they were kids.

Hizuru speculated that Shadow Shiori had drowned Shiori and erased her in the sea, and then acted as she is the one drowning. As she was saved and returned home, she killed and copied Shiori's parents.

In the evening, Hizuru visits the Kobayakawa and Asako lets her in as Shiori orders her to. Once inside, Hizuru takes out a hammer and smashes Asako's head. Tetsuo attacks her, but she smashes his head as well. Asako stands up and attacks, but Shiori smashes her shadow and kills her. Shiori then acts as a child, standing behind Hizuru and wondering why. Hizuru quickly turns and smashes Shiori's shadow, but Shiori manages to survive and moves away. She then attacks Hizuru and starts strangling her. She comments that she is dangerous as she knows how the kill shadows. However, she wonders if she is even human as she is faster than a shadow. Hizuru tells her to scan her and learn herself and Shiori states she will do, once she kills her. Hizuru then stabs herself with chopsticks and Shiori's shadow that was on Hizuru's body, which surprises Shiori, who then run to the third floor. Hizuru follows and enters Shiori's room. She then feels Shiori's presence and tells her its pointless as if she attempts to scan her, she knows that she won't be able to move for couple of seconds and will then kill her. Annoyed, Shiori retreats in her shadow and run past Hizuru and escapes through the window. As she goes outside, Ginjiro Nezu starts shooting her with a nail gun, but she manages to get past him. At a corner, Shinpei jumps and tackles Shiori, who attempts to escape and bites him, but Ginjiro comes and shoots her shadow three times and tells Shinpei to release her as once a shadow is pierced three times, it can't move. They question Shiori, who confirms that she killed Ushio. Shinpei gets angry and asks why and Shiori explains that the end is coming and she wanted to escape with her family. She states she is reborn and believes to be the true Shiori now and asks Shinpei to become a shadow and her big brother, but Hizuru then kills her.

Shadow Alain Kofune: Shadow Alain gets produced by Mio to learn if real Alain knows where Ushio is. Later, at the lunch at the crematorium, Alain goes to the bathroom. Shadow Alain follows him there. He sees that one of the toilet stalls has "maintenance" note and opens the next one, but instead of Alain, he sees Hizuru, who immediately slams a large hammer at Alain's shadow and explains that she calculated 17 different scenarios where Shadow Alain would attack Alain. Shadow Alain wonders what she is doing in the men's bathroom, but his face gets smashed and Shadow Alain dies from the hammer hit.

Shadow Ushio Kofune: Ushio appears behind Shinpei while he is making curry, which surprises him and makes him comment that she shouldn't appear until the festival. Ushio tells him that shadow-like monsters ate everyone at the festival and if he too was there. As Mio appears, Ushio hides and soon receive a note from Shinpei to get to his room. There she eagerly awaits for Shinpei's curry and enjoys it while eating it. She explains she woke up at the Omoto beach, but made sure no one saw as they now see her as a monster. The two agree to work together and stop the shadows. Mio comes to pick up the plates and almost sees her. Mio then leaves, but returns few seconds later and again almost sees Ushio. However, this ends up being Shadow Mio, who attempts to kill Shinpei, but Ushio protects him with her body, taking the hit. Mio then stabs her shadow and wounds Ushio. Mio asks Ushio why she protected Shinpei and Ushio explains its because she loves him. Mio attempts to kill Shinpei, but Ginjiro and Shinpei kill her. Ryunosuke comes to kill Ushio, but Shinpei stops her and asks for her help. Ushio wonders if the real Mio is okay and Ryunosuke confirms. As her voice is the same as the one from her message, Hizuru decides to save her.

Once outside, Hizuru pours water on Ushio's arm, which then disappears. Hizuru explains the wound was a projection of the damage done to her main body. Hizuru then shows the message from Ushio, that asks her for help and that Shinpei is the only one who can stop the shadows, but Ushio has no memories of it. Hizuru decides to stop working with Shinpei as he is with Ushio and they don't know when she will be "fixed" and turn against them.

The next day, Shinpei meets with Sou. They go to the beach, where Sou wants to tell him something related to Ushio's death. Ushio then shows up behind him and guesses its the strangle marks, which makes it look like she was murdered. Sou confirms, but then sees Ushio and ends in a shock. After they tell him everything, Sou apologizes for not being able to save Ushio and wants she to punch him. Ushio then kicks him and tells him to get up as they rely on him. Shinpei gives her phone. Ushio sees the password had changed, but her fingerprint unlocks it. She then find a video from the morning when Ushio died. Watching the video, they see Ushio and her Shadow Ushio on it. Ushio tells him that Shadow Ushio is on their side and continues to explain how she met her Shadow and formed a plan to save Shiori. When the video ends, Shadow Ushio regains her memories and abilities and decides to replay them the memory of how Ushio died. She transports Shinpei and Sou on the private beach on 21st. They witness how Shiori is being dragged underwater by her Shadow and Ushio and her Shadow trying to save her. They manage to take Shiori from her Shadow, but Shadow Shiori then strangles Ushio and captures Shadow Ushio. She attempted to fix the faulty Shadow, but Mio and Sou came and she pretended to be the real Shiori, while erasing the real one. While Mio carried Shiori, she grabs Shinpei's arm, surprising him, thinking that was just a memory and they couldn't interact. Shiori then turns to Heine, who states she found him and won't be letting him go. Shadow Ushio ends the replay and Shinpei sees a mark on his hand where Heine grabbed him. Shinpei decides they need to investigate the old clinic.

They go to the old clinic and while looking around, they find an old wood Hiruko statue. Shinpei notices a crack on the wall and asks Ushio to go, who then sees the wall is a secret door but it needs a key. Shinpei figures the Hiruko statue looks pregnant and Ushio scans it, and copies the key from inside. As they open the secret door, Ushio tells them she feels a shadow down below and has a bad feeling. As they go down, they see its an old tunnel dug during the war. Shinpei asks Ushio to prioritize protecting herself and Sou to protect her as well. He explains that if he dies, he will loop, but if Ushio dies first, she may not loop back with him. Heading towards the shadow, they see a baby-like shadow, who appears to be deaf and blind, but manages to smell them. The shadow jumps on Sou, but Shinpei manages to pin it with his nailgun and Ushio kills it. Ushio explains that the first shadow she felt is still down the tunnel and they continue. Ushio realizes that she still haven't recovered from the damage she took from Mio, even though she printed a new arm. They hear a gunshot and end in a natural cave, where they get surrounded by baby-like shadows. As they fight them back and try to escape, Shinpei notices that the shadows are only attacking Ushio. Once they manage to escape, he sees that Ushio isn't well and her wound from Mio haven't disappeared. Ushio then explains that she needs to copy the original to restore the lost data, but as original Ushio is now ashes, she can't heal the wound. Tokiko then appears, thanking them for bringing the defective product, Ushio. Shinpei shoots at her shadow to pin her, but Tokiko laughs and reveals she is human. Having no choice, Shinpei decides they to surrender, figuring that they won't hurt Ushio right away, he wonders if she will take them to her father. As they follow her, she takes them to Hiruko, who Shinpei recognizes as Heine. Tokiko explains that Heine is Hiruko, the god of the island. They bring out Ushio's real body to feed Heine with it. The moment she eats another body and turns to eat Ushio's, Shinpei asks Ushio to print him the nailgun. With it, he frees Ushio, who jumps in and takes Ushio's body. Shadow Ushio then scans Ushio's body, making her able to regenerate her arm. Heine sends a shadow Negoro to fight them, but Ushio kills her. The shadow parent appears and cuts Shinpei's fingers, and holds Mio as hostage. He then kills Sou and Tokiko. Heine decides to reprogram Ushio and starts corroding her. Hizuru comes and manages to free Shinpei, but she also dies. Shinpei then drinks a poison he had on him to kill himself. Ushio starts to resist the corrosion and even turns is against Heine, who then asks the shadow to kill Ushio, but Shinpei dies and loops both of them before they kill Ushio.

Baby-like Shadows: In an old tunnel under the old clinic, Shinpei, Ushio and Sou encounter a baby-like shadow, who is missing top half of its head and is deaf and blind. The shadow is feeding on rats, but managed to smell them. The shadow avoids Shinpei, but is then hit by Sou's bat. To soften the attack, it transforms to its flat form and then back to its baby form and jumps on Sou. As its about to kill him, Shinpei shoots it with a nailgun, making it unable to move. Sou then throws it towards Ushio, who kills the shadow.

Following the tunnel, Sou, Shinpei and Ushio, encounter more baby-like shadows in a natural cave. The three of them, manage to fight them off and escape.

Shadow Parent: Ryunosuke and Ginjiro a cave with sea anemone, which makes Ryunosuke realize they are all shadows. As Shiori appears and knows Ryunosuke's name, Ryunosuke realize this is Heine, who uses Shiori's memories. The shadow parent appears, mentioning its been fourteen years, but he doesn't really have business with Hizuru and wants to know where is the body that stole mother's right eye. Shiori states she read Hizuru and Ryunosuke's mind, but they don't know where the right eye is. The shadow wonders if he can kill them and Shiori confirms. Ginjiro states they should run as they are the ones being hunted and that this isn't a shadow of a human. Shiori warns the shadow that Ryunosuke's shifted, about two seconds ahead. The shadow then shoots at Ryunosuke, but Ginjiro jumps in and takes the bullet. He then proceeds shooting at Ryunosuke, who manages to escape, but also gets shot. Looking at the blood, the shadow states its dark, which means he hit the liver and Ryunosuke won't have much to live. Shiori states that Ushio and Shinpei are with Tokiko and that she is getting hungry and can't wait for 9 o'clock.

When Shinpei was about to shoot at Heine, the shadow appears behind him and cuts his fingers and nailgun. He realizes that Heine was about to eat him, but tells her not to do it. He brings Mio and tells her to not eat her as well as she is an important hostage. Tokiko states they didn't agree for them to touch Mio, but the shadow states they will all die tomorrow, so it doesn't matter. He shoots at Tokiko, but Sou jumps in and takes the bullet. The shadow is surprised, but then shoots again Tokiko and kills her. Heine takes Shinpei's eye, but it returns back to him. The shadow states that Shinpei's right eye overlooks the flow of time from a higher dimension and observes multiple parallel worlds. He grabs Shinpei and tells him he has the power to make the world he observes into reality, and right now he is rendering this world. However, he haven't mastered that power and he is only able to access it when he lose sense of himself in death. So they have to keep him alive until the very end. The shadow then crushes Mio's skull, killing her. The shadow intends to keep Shinpei there until tomorrow ends. Shinpei realizes he won't be able to loop and fails his promise.

Tetsu shows up, along with Hizuru, who shoots the shadow in the head and frees Shinpei. She then attempts to kill Shinpei, but the shadow creates a shield and protects him, while also shoots and kills Hizuru. The shadow then shoots and kills Tetsu as well. He notes that they almost lost Shinpei, but then sees he drank a poison to kill himself. Heine attempts to reprogram Ushio, but Ushio starts turning her corrosion back. She tells the shadow to kill Ushio, but before he is able to, Shinpei dies and takes Ushio with him, looping them back in time.

Shadow Negoro: Shadow Negoro helps out Seido Hishigata as he prepares a body for Heine to eat. As the time for eating comes, Negoro brings two coffins to Heine, one with Tadashi Miura and the other with Ushio. When Shinpei and Shadow Ushio retake Ushio's body, Heine gets angry they stole her food and buffs up Negoro, making her wild and muscular. Negoro then jumps in to fight Ushio, but ends up killed by her.