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Shiori Kobayakawa (小早川しおり, Kobayakawa Shiori) is a young girl living in Hitogashima. Her family owns the Koba Mart. She was saved from drowning by Ushio, however, Ushio ended up drowning herself in that incident.




On July 17th, while Ushio and Mio shop at Kobe Mart, Shiori shares that she was followed by a look-alike. Ushio believes this was just a creep and tells her to report it to Tetsu Totsumura, however Shiori is disappointed that they don't take her seriously and states that he won't be able to do anything.

On 18th, Shiori helps with cleaning the beach. After Ushio sees her own shadow, she goes to Shiori and tells her that she believes her.

On 21st, Shiori and other kids are at the beach for a swim. Hamaji makes fun of Shiori for using swim float and finds her lame that she can't swim. Shiori goes to Mio and asks her how to become a good swimmer like her and Mio decides to teach her. Ushio joins them, stating that she will be protecting Shiori, but she wonders what she means.

While the group is being distracted by Akari, Shiori is dragged into the water by her Shadow, who starts to take her to the bottom. Ushio and her Shadow come to her help. Shadow Ushio manages to retake Shiori from her Shadow, but Shadow Shiori still manages to immobilize them. Ushio pulls Shadow Shiori from them, but is then strangled by her. Shadow Ushio tries to reach the surface with Shiori, but Shadow Shiori catches up to them. She then attacks Shadow Ushio, realizing she is faulty and tries to fix her. However, as Mio and Sou are getting close, Shadow Shiori leaves Shadow Ushio sink to the bottom and erases Shiori, proceeding to act unconscious so that Mio and Sou save her.


Shiori end up seeing her own shadow and told Mio and Ushio that she saw a girl that looks like her. Later Shiori ended up drowning and Ushio came saving her, but ended up dying herself.

At Ushio's funeral, Shiori was present, but she had stopped talking after the incident. The next day, Kobayakawa family disappeared and later that day, Mio saw Shiori in the woods near the Hiruko Shrine.

While reliving the day for a third time, during the funeral, Shinpei asks Shiori if she saw a girl that looked like her. The next day, Shinpei goes to Koba Mart, but as its closed, a neighbour, Shiomi, decides to check on them and enter their place. Shinpei sees a table full of untouched food and the TV running. He then sees two adult-size black strains and strange dents on the floor, figuring they were killed by a shadow. He goes on the second floor looking for Shiori, but Shiori then appears after him causing a flash and wondering why he asked her if she saw a young girl looking like her and if there is something wrong with her. Shinpei realizes that she is a shadow. Shiori then produces a shadow, preparing to kill Shinpei, but Shiomi then comes and the shadow Shiori decides to leave.